Springfield XDs 9mm 3.3 ESSENTIAL Black(Rookie Auction)

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Springfield XDs 9mm 3.3 ESSENTIAL Black

The XD-S® Single Stack from Springfield Armory® has forever changed what you can expect out of your daily carry pistol. Use your XD-S® Single Stack with an X-Tension™ magazine and you’ll find that your carry pistol has grown into something that will astonish and delight you on the range. Use a flush-fitting magazine when you carry it, and it shrinks such that you’ll forget it’s there.

If you’re looking for the most available capacity in the most concealable package, you should pick up an XD-S® 3.3″ Single Stack in 9mm. You don’t have to settle for a larger gun to gain shooting comfort. Nor do you have to sacrifice size for capacity. Hold an XD-S® 3.3″ Single Stack today, and you’ll want to shoot it. Put it in your holster, and you’ll find that it’s Noticeably Unnoticeable™.



Finish Black Type Pistol

Caliber 9mm

Barrel Length 3.3"

Capacity 7 + 1

Safety Grip and U.S.A Trigger Grips Not Listed

Weight 23 oz

 Bud's Item Number: 12516

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