4x24 M1 for .308 OR M2 for .223 30mm Tactical BDC Scope illum

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4x24 M1 for .308 OR M2 for .223 30mm Tactical BDC Scope illum

You Choose either M1 for .308 or M2 for .223

You Choose Reticle either Dragunov illum. or MP-9 NATO

Information from http://www.valdada.com/4x24-m1-for-308-and-m2-for-223-30mm-tactical-bdc-scope-illum/

Product Description

The new 4x24 M series of scopes are available with a .223 62gr. cam M2 or .308 168gr cam M1, with your choice of Dragunov or MP-9 NATO illuminated reticule. One of our most popular scopes for close range sporting applications, on short stock weapons especially on FN-FAL, AR-15, AR-10, AK 47 and HK-93 platforms.

TECHNICAL DATA                    4x24 M1 & M2

MAGNIFICATION                                                                 4X                                                    

OBJECTIVE                                                                            24mm                                               

FIELD OF VIEW AT 100 yds.                                               29ft.(6   )                                          

EXIT PUPIL                                                                            8mm                                                 

EYE RELIEF                                                                           3 in                                               

DIOPTRICAL ADJUSTMENT                                              -4 +4                                                

TUBE DIAMETER                                                                  30mm                                           

LENGHT                                                                                  10in                                                  

WEIGHT                                                                                  14oz   


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