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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some commonly asked questions. For more information, please review the How it works section.

Why can’t I finish the registration process?

When registering, your birth date must show that you are at least 18 years old and enter the correct code from the Captcha window. 
This verifies that you are old enough to participate and a real person. Captcha example shown below.

I never got the account confirmation email. What do I do? 

The verification email has a link for you to verify your email. Some email providers will mark this type of email as spam. You can add the email address to your address book and check your spam folder. Then, if you go back to eGunner you can request another verification email.

How do I see my bid balance?

After you login, look at the top right of the penny auctions or promo auctions webpage. You will see your cash bid and promo bid balance.

Are your products new?

All products are new unless otherwise stipulated on the auction page. From time to time, a previously used item may be listed for auction. If an item is not in new condition, it will be clearly stated on the auction page.

I see Rookie, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Promo, Live and Featured auctions. What’s the difference?

Rookie auctions are always firearms and are for anyone who has never won a firearm. You may win one (1) Rookie auction per household. Once you have won one (1) Rookie auction, you are no longer a Rookie and must move on to other auctions. Beginner auctions are for anyone who has won 50 or less total cash auctions. Intermediate auctions are for anyone who has won 75 or less total cash auctions. Advanced auctions are for anyone who has won 100 or less total cash  auctions. Expert auctions are for anyone and have no total win parameters. Featured auctions are usually firearms or higher value items. Live auctions are all auctions listed available for bidding; which include Rookie, featured and all other auctions. Please note: If an auction is not showing as available in the live auctions section, it is not bona fide auction and any bids will not be honored.
Promo auctions are listed on the promo auction page and use only free promo bids.  Promo auctions do not use cash bids and have no buy it now option.

What are the win limits?

Your win limits can be viewed in the ‘My Account’ section and are the following:
Cash bids win limit: Bronze: 2 handguns, Silver: 2 rifles, Gold: 1 shotguns, 6 bid packs and 15 non-firearm, non-bid pack items per thirty (30) days rolling.
Promo bids win limit: One item per seven days rolling.

Why does the system say I’m at my win limits when I am not?

If you are the top bidder on an auction, the system assumes that you are winning and will put that item in your win limit category. That item will stay in your win limits until a different bidder bids over you.

Is buying a gun online legal?

Yes, because all firearms are shipped from to your FFL dealer where you will have to receive the transfer. Federal and State restrictions apply. Please do not bid on any firearm that is not compliant with your state restrictions. Before you bid on a firearm, check your local and state restrictions regarding age requirements to own a firearm.

What is the process of buying a firearm online?

For all firearm orders, the firearm will be shipped from to your ffl. You choose the ffl as part of the check-out process. You will receive an email when the firearm is shipped showing tracking and shipping location. Once your firearm is at your ffl, you will need to do the transfer. If your firearm is damaged or not the correct item, do not accept the transfer. Once you take possession of the firearm, it cannot be returned. Notify customer service of any issues for correction.

What if the firearm is not compliant in my state?

For cash bids: Please try to bid on items compliant in your state. If you live in a state that is very strict, you may bid on any firearm and receive a gift code for the 100% listed retail amount of the auction plus $10.00 of the shipping charge or a substitute firearm of equal cost that is compliant in your state. Please notify us that the item is not compliant in your state.
Promo bids do not qualify for the Buds credit if the item is not state compliant. Please do not bid on an item that is not state compliant. You can check with you local DOJ rules, a local FFL and/or at
Note: If an order is processed and is found to be not state compliant, you will receive a refund of the auction closing price that was paid.

What if I get the firearm home and find out it is defective?

Once you have taken possession of the firearm, the item is covered by the manufacturer warranty. If you need manufacturer information, please notify customer service for help.

How does my FFL get added to the list at

Here’s the link to check for an FFL or to see how to be added to the list at

What is the Gift Card Credit and how do I receive it?

Budsgunshop.coom Gift Card Credit may be shipped via USPS as a gift voucher or the Credit may be shipped to you via email on the shipping notice. If it is shipped via USPS, it will clearly state USPS shipping. If it is a code sent via email, you will see the amount of the Credit and a gift code.
Please note: Gift cards credits can be used to purchase any of the items at, Buds Gun Shop & Range in Lexington, KY or Uncle Lee's in Greenville, KY.

Do all items offer the 90% Buds credit option?

For Cash Bids: When processing payment, firearms will have an option at check out to receive credit for 90% of the auction value instead of receiving the firearm. Some but not all other items may have the 90% option; at the discretion of Please do not bid on non-firearm items with the expectation of receiving the 90% credit option.Promo auctions do not offer the 90% Buds credit option.
Promo bids do not qualify for the 90% Buds credit option.

The auction closed and my bid didn’t register. What happened?

You are placing bids over the internet. Because of this, there could be internet lag. Lag can occur for a variety of reasons. Among them, you may be on a wireless connection, you may have many web pages open or there may be plug-ins slowing your system down, your power company may have an interruption or your internet provider may have a hiccup. When this occurs, it will appear that you are placing a bid but in reality, the auction has already closed at the server. This issue is most common in the last three seconds of the auction. We recommend you do not try to bid at the very last second to avoid lag. If you see 00:00 frozen on your screen, you may be experiencing lag.

Why is my autobidder bidding more frquently than other autobidders on the same auction?

If you set more than one automated bidder, be creful not to overlap your automated biddeers.  The automatd bidder algorithm only checks to see if the price set is crossed and thn begins bidding. It does not check to see if you have a different automated bidder already bidding.  Setting overlapping automated biderrs may cause you to bid more frequently than other bidders on the same auction.You can check and remove your automated biddeers in the My Account section after you login.

How do I check/remove my autobidder?

There is an autobidder tab in the ‘My Account’ section. You can check and/or remove the autobidder from there.

How do I claim my prize?

There are two ways to find and pay for the auction. On the auction page, there is a pay button on the top right corner. Also, in your account, there is a won auctions section. You may go there and process your order.

How long do I have to pay for won auctions or BIN item?

You have 48 hours after the auction closes to claim and pay for the item. Because some items are in high demand, we need the orders placed as soon as possible for processing.

Can I bid on a Rookie firearm auction if I have won an auction that is not a firearm?

Yes. We only list firearms for Rookie auctions. You are considered a Rookie until you have won a firearm; regardless of how many other items you have won.

I have orders that have not been shipped. What do I do?

Please send an email with the order number to

How long until my order is shipped?

Orders are processed within two business days after the auction closes. Cash bids auctions are shipped as quickly as possible, once you process the order.  Please allow 7-10 days for shipping.Promo bids auction wins will ship approximately 7 business days after the order is placed.