eGunner Penny Auctions - Buy Guns and Accessories at Penny Auction Prices.

How it works

Who is eGunner? 

EGunner, owned by Freedom Network Services, LLC, is entertainment shopping at its best! At eGunner, we offer an exciting and unique way to shop for firearms and related products. All products are new and in original packaging unless otherwise specified on the auction page.

How does an eGunner penny auction work?

First you have to register by creating an account and buy bids. It’s free to create an account and we give you 5 free bids to get acquainted with eGunner. When you buy bids, the price per bid will depend on which bid package you choose. The smaller bid packages are 75 cents per bid and the largest bid packages are 65 cents per bid. Then, you choose an item that interests you and bid. You may choose to place a single bid at a time or use the automated bidder. When the auction is over, if you are the highest bidder shown on the auction, you win!


How old do I have to be to register?

You may register at age 18 and you may bid on many of the items. However, you must be 21 to bid on some firearms. EGunner follows the federal firearm laws. Please do not bid on firearms if you are not old enough or are unable to receive the transfer.

Is there a limit to the number of accounts per household?

Yes, in order to keep a fair bidding platform for all, account limits are one per household.  Your household is defined by your name, address, billing name, billing address and/or IP address.  (Exceptions may apply and must be approved, in advance, prior to bidding, by - contact support for any questions).

How does buying firearms online work?

At eGunner, we follow all the federal firearm laws. Firearms are different from other items and must be shipped from FFL Dealer to FFL Dealer. All firearms are shipped from to an FFL dealer that you choose during the checkout process. The receiving dealer will run the background check and do the transfer. If you are unable to pass the background check or receive the transfer, please do not bid on firearms.

Now that I’ve registered, how do I begin?

First you need to purchase bids. Once bids are purchased, you will see them in your bid account.

How do I place a bid?

There are two ways to place bids; manually or buy using the automated bidder. Manually bidding is done by clicking your mouse on the bid button. The automated bidder is shown on the auction page and can place bids for you. If you set the auto bidder, you can still place manual bids if you choose.

What is the automated bidder and how does it work?

The automated bidder is a way to place bids when you are not available to be in front of your computer or choose not to place bids manually. Once the automated bidder is set, you can log out, turn off your computer or watch the auction. In order to set the autobidder, enter the auction price and the number of bids you would like to place. When the auction price reaches the price you entered, the autobidder will begin bidding for you. The autobidder will continue to bid until the auction closes, the bids are all used, your BIN (buy it now) price is $0.00 or you remove the autobidder. The autobidder will stop bidding if your account has a bid balance of zero. Please note: Regardless of the auction price, the autobidder will not begin placing bids for you until the auction is 15 or less seconds from closing.

If you set more than one automated bidder, be careful not to overlap your automated bidders.  The automated bidder algorithm only checks to see if the price set is crossed and then begins bidding. It does not check to see if you have a different automated bidder already bidding.  Setting overlapping automated bidders may cause you to bid more frequently than other bidders on the same auction.

You can check and remove your automated bidders in the My Account section after you login.

Can I change my automated bidder?

Yes, you can cancel it at any time. In the ‘My Account’ section, there is an autobidder tab which displays all information about your autobidders.

When using the auto bidder, bids remain in your bid account until the auto bidder places the bid. Then, each time the auto bidder places a bid, one bid is removed from your bid account.

Please note: Your bid account must have at least the amount of bids you place in the auto bidder.

How do I buy bids and what do bids cost?

Bid prices range from 65 cents to 75 cents per bid, depending on which bid package you choose. Once you are on the buy bids page, simply click on your choice of bid pack and process the order. All bids sales are final and not refundable.

Is there a coupon code?

From time to time, eGunner will run a bid pack special. At that time, a coupon code will be made available.

How do I keep up with my bids?

At the top of the page by where you login, you will see the amount of bids in your bid account.

What happens when I place a bid?

Because eGunner is a penny auction and not a traditional type of auction, bidding is a little different than you may have experienced in the past. When you place a bid, three things may occur.

1. The price of the auction goes up by one penny.

2. The timer will reset by adding a few seconds to the clock. This is the equivalent of the auctioneer saying “Going Once, Going Twice...”

3. If nobody else bids, the auction will close and you will be the top bidder and win the auction. If someone else bids, the process begins again.

So, I’ve registered and bought bids, now what do I do?

Simply go to the auction of your choice and begin bidding!

I’ve won an auction, now what?

Fantastic! Now you need to process your order. There are two ways to find and pay for the auction. On the auction page, there is a pay button on the top right corner. Also, in your account, there is a won auctions section. You may go there and process your order.

What is the 90% credit?

On most products, excluding bid packs, you will have the option during check out to choose a credit in lieu of the item.  

How is the 90% amount calculated?

The 90% value is calculated by adding the auction value plus shipping quantity multiplied by 90%.  For example:  If the auction value is $100.00 and shipping is $2.00.  The 90% calculation is the following:  ($100.00 + $2.00) * 0.90 = $91.80.

How do I receive the credit?

The credit is a credit code of letters and numbers.  It will be sent to you on the shipping email you receive from

Does the credit qualify for the cash discount at

No, the credit does not qualify for the cash price listed at

According to The amount of a transaction funded with a Gift Card does not qualify for the cash discount price advertised on  Gift Cards are instead applied to orders at our listed retail price.

How long do I have to pay for my won auction?

You have 48 hours after the auction closes to pay for your item. Because some items are in high demand, we need the orders placed as soon as possible for processing.

Do you keep any credit card information on file?

Credit card information is not saved automatically by  You have the option of saving your credit card information. Credit card information, if saved, is encrypted. 

What is BIN and how does it work?

BIN is an acronym for Buy It Now. Each time you place a cash bid on an item, we offer you 50 cents credit/per bid placed toward the purchase of that item, if you do not win. You will see the BIN offer price on the auction page. BIN is for those who did not win the auction.

My BIN price went to $0.00. Why can’t I continue to bid?

In order to keep you from bidding more than necessary, once the BIN price is $0.00, you are locked out from bidding. At this time, you will need to process the order for $0.00.

Can I use BIN from one auction on another auction?

No. The BIN option is per auction and may not be combined or transferred to another auction.

Can I process BIN prior to the auction ending?

Yes, you may process your BIN order at any time. Once you process your BIN order, you will no longer be able to bid on that item.

How long do I have to process my BIN order?

We offer the BIN option for 48 hours immediately after the auction closes.

Does BIN count toward my win limit?

No. BIN is not a win so it does not count toward your win limit.

How does it work when I win or BIN a firearm? 

You will process the order. In the check-out process, you will have to choose a firearm dealer to receive the firearm and do the transfer for you. Firearms are shipped by to a licensed firearm dealer.

What happens if I use BIN and the item is out of stock?

All Buy it Now items are subject to availability.  If the item is out of stock or otherwise not available, the bidder will be contacted and receive a substitution or gift credit for the amount equal to the auction item. 

What if I do not see my FFL Dealer listed when I checkout?

You may add the information for your FFL Dealer when you check out. However, if the FFL dealer is not on the list of FFL Dealers at, you must have the FFL Dealer send their licensing information to in order for the firearm to be shipped. It is your responsibility to follow up with your FFL Dealer to insure that they have their information set up with

How long until my item is shipped?

Once you process the order, we try to ship it as quickly as possible.

How do I know you shipped my order?

We will send you an email to tell you the order has shipped and provide tracking information if it is available.

I see Rookie, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Live and Featured auctions. What’s the difference?

Rookie auctions are always firearms and are for anyone who has never won a firearm.  You may win one (1) Rookie auction per household.  Once you have won one (1) Rookie auction, you are no longer a Rookie and must move on to other auctions.

Beginner auctions are for anyone who has won 50 or less total auctions.

Intermediate auctions are for anyone who has won 75 or less total auctions.

Advanced auctions are for anyone who has won 100 or less total auctions.

Expert auctions are for anyone and have no total win parameters.

Featured auctions are usually firearms or higher value items.

Live auctions are all auctions listed available for bidding; which include Rookie, featured and all other auctions.

Please note: If an auction is not showing as available in the live auctions section, it is not a bona fide auction and any bids will not be honored.

Are there win limits?

Yes there are win limits and they may be viewed in your account. In order to maintain a fair and unbiased website, restricts winnings to Bronze: 2  handguns, Silver: 2  rifles, Gold: 1 shotguns, 6 bid packs and 15 non-firearm, non-bid pack items per thirty (30) days rolling.

Where can I view the closed auctions?

If you look at the home page, there is a drop down menu with an option to see closed auctions.

Do you have customer support?

You may email at any time to Customer Support. Please note that emails sent after 9:00pm Eastern Time will not be answered until the next business day and emails sent on Friday will not be answered until the following Monday or next business day; excluding holidays.